You probably see the images everywhere - people who were a little overweight (or worse) and in a month or so, they are looking hot and sexy. If you remember the famous Dr Atkins of the 1970's, he had a "Diet Revolution" that consisted of meat and fat - usually in the form of butter, bacon and steak.

Now, if you are like me, a bit of butter on the baked potato is a good thing when you are having a grilled steak.

The spot where Dr. Atkins got hung up is on the fact that butter is not all that healthy for anyone. In fact, it's the closest thing to phlem (snot) that people actually eat. Dr. Atkins mistakenly thought that by eating bad fats, you'd be better off than if you ate carbs (the potato, or french fries!).

The people of Italy have shown the world another secret too - you can eat pasta, meat, and lots of vegetables, and stay thin. The two key pieces of the puzzle the Italians have revealed is: Eat Slowly (chew completely, don't rush your meals) and don't mix foods together.

When I say "don't mix"...did you know Italians *never* eat spaghetti and meatballs? They think that is the greatest abomination in the world!
They eat pasta, and rest a bit, and then eat the meatballs. Isn't that interesting? And if you go to Italy, one thing you don't see much of is an overweight adult. They are fit and healthy in general.

So, what can *you* do if you want to get healthy? Well, Dr. Atkins had one piece of the puzzle in place - steak. If you like hamburgers, sausage and steak, then one of the key things you can do to get healthy is to eat those meats (and steak especially) on their own, or with a low carb vegetable like asparagus or broccolli.

The next piece of the puzzle Dr. Atkins had correct was in the "ketosis" process - getting the body to be in a sustained active state, always burning more calories than normal. There are many ways to enter this state, but sadly most often it requires an extreme effort in discipline to avoid the most pleasurable of foods.

Fortunately, there are now some breakthroughs in nutritional science that allow you to eat what you want, and enter and maintain a "ketosis state", the "fat burning furnace" some insiders call it.

One of my all-time favorite keto products is Purefit - it's a "pill a day", once in the morning, which keeps you in ketosis and burning away the fat from your body. I love this product because they have a ketone isolate called "BHB" which tricks the body into entering ketosis and activating the advanced weight loss process.

For a limited time, they have a special promotion going on where you can test out their BHB flagship product. Go through this special link to get a special price:

Purefit BHB Website


To recap the steps to a healthy lifestyle:

  1. Eat Food Slowly and Completely.
  2. Don't Mix Foods.
  3. Enter Ketosis Using strict dieting or use the Purefit supplement.
  4. Keep active and move each day.


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