Breakthrough in the Treatment of Late Onset Diabetes

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In this short article, I will cover all the major research that has been done that impacts late onset diabetes, and highlight the four most important steps you can take to go into full remission, as based on the respected medical research (and linked to below).

With all the medical research published, it is clear late onset diabetes is not a condition anyone needs to live with, explained below.

LIke a prominent medical researcher said in 1959, Type 2 Diabetes is a medical code-word for nutrient deficiencies.

Let's begin:

Chromium (in our food supply before 1950)

Here's what happens when we strip a natural ingredient from our everyday food.  This essential nutrient was abundant in the food supply before "modern farming" took over.  Now we simply are missing one of the essential nutrients to keep our bodies running in perfect condition.

Glucose Tolerance Factor (or GTF) was first established as an essential nutrient by Dr. Klaus Schwarz (chief of the liver disease unit) and Dr. W Mertz at the National Institutes for Health.  Dr. Mertz, in 1959, stated "Type II diabetes is not a disease.  It is the lack of a natural ingredient, known as Chromium GTF." (link is below)

Chromium GTF works with insulin to provide sugar to the cells for energy, and when chromium GTF if low or missing, blood sugar remains in the bloodstream and cannot be passed to the cells.

(See page 1183 of "Foods and Nutrition Encyclopedia, 2nd Edition", by Ensminger, Ensminger, Konlande and Robson; CRC Press).

Normally, wheat and sugar are rich on chromium, but when flour is bleached, and when sugar is refined, it strips away 98% of the chromium, leaving our two main sources of this nutrient out of our food supply.  Cooking and heating removes the other 2%.

Mertz became head of the Department of Biological Chemistry at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research where he continued his research into the essential function of chromium to potentiate the action of insulin in the body.  Without chromium GTF, you'll develop late onset diabetes.

If any doctor says it is not safe to ingest chromium GTF, they are saying it is not safe to eat wholesome food.

Bitter Lemon (Journal of Ethnopharmacology, Mar 24, 2011)

This research is less than a decade old, so it's "breaking news" as CNN might say.

Bitter lemon has been used in Asia for centuries to treat diabetes.  It regulates hypoglycemic activity.  Taking 2,000 mg daily, Dr. Fuangchan, Seubnaukarn and others (see NIH link below) found that bitter melon works about as well as metformin in reducing fructosamine levels from baseline.  (It helps reduce the symptoms of diabetes Type II).

In short, adding 2,000mg of bitter lemon to your daily diet will reduce diabetic symptoms (elevated A1c, headaches, numbness in limbs, accelerates healing).  It has a side benefit of increasing metabolism and helps to shed some excess lipids, too.

Gymnema Tea

We begin with a breakthrough in blood sugar management published in 1990, in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology.

The research states [using Gymnema Tea]..."insulin requirements came down together with fasting blood glucose and glycosylated haemoglobin (HbA1c) levels".

Gymnena tea therapy "appears to enhance endogenous insulin". (it allows insulin to do its job).

So, add a bit of Gymnema tea to your diet, and it helps get glucose and insulin to get back in order.

Cinnamon Research

Besides getting chromium GTF into your diet, adding 2g of cinnamon per day has an amazing effect of lowering blood sugar levels, lowering blood pressure levels, and increasing glycemic control. 

Doctors of another NIH publication write "Intake of 2g of cinnamon for 12 weeks significantly reduces the HbA1c, SBP and DBP among poorly controlled type 2 diabetes patients. Cinnamon supplementation could be considered as an additional dietary supplement option to regulate blood glucose and blood pressure levels along with conventional medications to treat type 2 diabetes mellitus." (See reference below).

Read that again:  Cinnamon, for "Poorly controlled diabetes", corrects "A1C" in the body - regulating it, and normalizing Haemaglobin A1C.  Amazing, isn't it?

The Results

The double-blind research using these four naturally occurring foods together is astounding.  They report (link is below) that over the course of 21 days, haemoglobin A1C returned to normal levels and patients reported a sense of well-being with no type 2 diabetic symptoms reported.  Full remission, in other words.

Next Steps

The next piece of the puzzle was to find a cost effective way to take these in a safe, Made in USA, biologically active form.

It took time, but looking at all the products and companies in this space, I found one company, USA based, manufacturing in a GMP compliant facility, with the right chemical structures that includes everything the research indicates is ideal for managing diabetic health in a modern world.


Recommendation: GS-85 Formulation

GS-85, with manufacturing/design led by a medical doctor, is the product that looks like it has considered all the diabetic research of the last 70 years and put together a complete and comprehensive formulation that works to get you back to a healthy glucose managing state.  Type II is not a disease, but a deficiency, and you can get back to the proper levels of each nutrient with a single pill per day.  It takes about three weeks for the effects to take hold and have noticeable effect.

Looking at every page and option, I also found a link that lets you take all these nutrients for less than a dollar per day.  It's a special customer link for re-order that gives you the best price available.

Since Nucentix, the manufacturer of GS-85, puts a lot of good information on their website, and it includes the special customer pricing, the next step is to click the link.


Take one pill in the morning on an empty stomach.  Results appear within 21 days.

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