Three Keys To Health, Wealth and Happiness

If you leave someone to their own devices and let them do what they want, the outcome is generally a life of misery.

It is for this reason that we post three keys to a fulfilling life.

So with no further delays, let's begin to unravel the secrets!

Key 1: Movement and Energy

This blanket statement is one of the keys - to be fluid and kinetic.  This means to keep moving.  Keep moving with your body (exercise, move every day), keep moving with your mind (learn a new thing, learn to think each day) and with emotions (the energy, or soul of a person, since we all crust up and get numb if you don't move this part of you).  Of course, that last bit means keeping good relations with others - and yes, that can be a life partner, or a strong social network (clubs and interests).

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Key 2: Take Care Of The Important Stuff

For most folks, that means taking care of life's essentials - food to eat, a place to sleep, that kind of stuff.
If you are living paycheck to paycheck, then think of what you can do, even with just a hundred bucks or whatever you have, to start growing a nest egg for yourself, to be able to own your own place, or be financially free.

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Key 3:  Respect Yourself

It might sound obvious, but a great majority of the people I meet do not have even a basic level of self-respect for themselves.
Here's a quick self-test to see if you love yourself:  Do you speak poorly about others?  Do you avoid doing some things because you aren't good enough?  Do you think yourself better than others?  

If you answer yes to any of those questions, then you'll need to work on loving yourself more.  It's the key to good relations with others, for getting along, for having luck in life, and living a fulfilling life.

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