Breakthrough in Blood Sugar Management

It has taken 50 years to catch up with the research, but "new" research is showing why Type 2 Diabetes is not a disease anyone needs to live with.  We look at the studies, what it means, and steps you can take to live a happy normal life.

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Tinnitus: Beginning of The End?
Tinnitus and Brain Cancer
Do you have ringing in your ears, swooshing noises, or other unusual rumbles?  Read Charlie's compelling story how a simple onset of ringing led to increasingly severe memory loss, and how the ringing in his ears led to nearly losing his mind, his job, and his family.
How To Avoid Diet Derailments In 2019
It's becoming well-known that any normal diet will lead to more weight gain.  But what causes that, and how do people turn their lives around?  Here are the surprising findings.
3 Keys To Health, Wealth and Happiness
Diets don't work so we went to work uncovering the things that people do to be healthy and happy, and we found 3 secrets to share with you.
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